Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So, here we are, at least you can imagine so, alive and well, soft and sound.

We finally put our empty heads together to fulfill each others emptiness, and that way find a way to create our new "homepage", what ever that is, the homepage I mean. Is it a word, is it an existing place, or is it just a thought, like everything else in this rotating ball called Tellus, which just perpetually keeps floatin' in some thing we call the space, without actually even knowin' how everything works, and just keepin on to our daily routines just to find boredom at the end of the day, instead that we should stop this madness and realize that life is not a routine, its flower bursting out in to bloom in its true beautiful existence, and yet, why we only see dead flowers?

So, welcome to the new homepage of the band, not THE band but, Jaakko & Jay. We are a Finnish band which plays mainly punk, but depending on the state of mind, we might one day end up playin' something else, who knows, no one, me, you, my grandma? we wont be posting any "this slows everything down, and makes you nervous coz it starts when you enter the page", videos. You'll find them in some other things. But, we'll put out a post, which includes our gigs, and we'll update the list every time there's is need for refreshment. Photos? Maybe. Or you can just seek somewhere else if you are in the need of photographs, try weezer for example.

The reason for all this button pressin' is that we got bored of making everything very, very, hard in "my"space, so we decided to do it this way. This page will give you all the information you need in order to stay updated with Jaakko & Jay, which is an odd thing to want.

Paximus Maximus

-J & J