Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello people.

How’s life? Good/sad to hear.
I’m here in Finland, I was not brought here, I was born here, and now its winter time. You know what? I dont like cold, and I’m from Finland. But, winter came late this year and we’re still waitin’ for the earthquakes, naah, just kiddin’. Few more of those SUV’s and we can kiss the snow good bye and start hailin’ to the enormous heat waves, and doom. There’s nothin’ wrong with snow, but the coldness is something my existence cant take.
There was christmas, there was new year, there was few holidays and birthday parties. There was loads of alcohol runnin’ through my veins and that way it raised melodies, words and beautiful images in to my mind. Spendin’ one month in a Baudelaire type of state of mind and existence, takin’ enormous amounts of hash and wine, took me here, into the front of this borin’ apparatus which is like a gate to everythin’ but the place inside you. Here I’m sittin’ and hittin’ the black buttons, which has symbols on them, weird lines crossin’ each others, and somehow we still understand them, and base our whole communication on them.

I woked up this mornin’ just to realize I’m not dead. I drank some tea, I read some book about yoga, and then my me reminded me that I have somethin’ to do in the wild wild world of the mighty internet. So I left my home, coz’ I dont have a computer at home I only have lots of books, to reach this computer, which allows me to type these worthless combination of letters for your eyes and mind to interpret, just to tell you one thing. We are plannin’ a tour which takes its time in June. The tour would consists Sweden, Denmark, Germany, maybe Netherlands and Belgium, France, Spain and Morocco. And our goal is to take this one mini-van to this village in morocco, as a good will thing. So, in the other way of sayin’ all this, is that we are havin’ a tour, and if you have any friends, coz’ we dont have, who are bookin shows somewhere in those countries, please help. The tour will take its part in june. Contact us at >jaakko.jay@gmail.com< if you can offer help or weed.

Well, that was pretty much what I had in my weird mind at this time. Have a blast. It would suck if it would suck.