Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tour-ism Pt. II


I’m sittin’ on a basement, and outside there’s snow comin down like hell. Is hell comin’ down? That’s how In spend my days, havin’ conversations with myself, or with my soul, and that’s called thinkin’. And thinkin’, is a path to understandin’, and to understand things, is to make progress inside of you. But, enough of this, said the voice inside of me, the same voice that got Sokrates killed. Should I, or the voice, keep low profile? So I wouldn’t end up drinkin’ poison. No.

And now, ladies, gentleman, humanoids, kids, kidkinds, elders, youngsters, punx, hipsters and rock-a-billys, to the point. The tour, thats been on our heads as an idea, is somehow starting to take an actual form, a primitivum, but still, givin’ a birth. So, this is the idea. We could use some help in these cases.

2.6.-3.6. Sweden, and we are heading down from here, so very north is no good at this point.
4.6.-5.6. Denmark
6.6-8.6. Germany, somewhere between denmark and netherlands.
9.6-11.6. Netherlands
12.6-14.6 Belgium
15.6-17.6 France
18.6-20.6 Switzerland
21.6-23.6 Austria
24.6-30.6 Germany.

This here is just an idea of my own. Any help or ideas to beat this idea, is more than helpful. And those dates are not exact. The terms for gigs are Gasolinefoodsleepweed. Gimme suggestions and we’ll figure stuff out together.

So, heres what we got by now, thoughts and ideas. Share yours at jaakko.jay[at]gmail.com. Peace


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