Saturday, April 21, 2012

O felicem me

Hello beings.

Our new seven inch is eventually out (wild appalause for the Record label). It is available somewhere in the web. Legal or not. We have a gig tonite at Henrys Pub in Heslinki, and we are sellin' those new piece of plastics in there also, if we are active enough. Now I'm sittin' home and figurin' out words to type. Blank, I would say, is the source right now, but hey it is saturday. It could be monday, wednesday, thursday, or any other of those words given to describe every 24 hours, and nothin' would change, I'd still be sittin' here. Words dont make me move or do, I do, and silence is the key. Words are inventions of a disillusionist mind, and often, maybe even too often, they lead entities in to more wrong, instead that they would, or even could, work as a servants of reality.

So, see  in the pit.