Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Must separate the church and skate.

Reissussa crustiintuu
-Old Finnish untranslatable saying

Days have passed, towns have passed, songs have been played, voice has been.....I just grabbed Jaakko's asspple and started writing with all my might. So, hows everything? good I would say. No, perfect, the other I would say. We just arrived to Switzerland, from Italy. How was Italy? I love it. One day I´ll just pack my bags and move to Italy, start meditating every day for several long hours and just exist. Talking about existing, that's splendid, but it's very important that entitents mindly internalize that they are. These days when there's so much information and "commands" coming from every direction. The church, capitalism and tv are trying to show you the way in the motorway of your life, that every now and then its very hard to make sense about your inner voice, or to even hear it. So forget the roadsigns and have a blast, coz we are very privileged to be born. And of course having a blast means that you do what ever you want without hurting anyone.

Soooo, about Germany. We visited few very humanistic places. Places where equality, nature and freedom are very well presented, and places where is good to be for a human being. Well, there were few chicken as well which seemed very happy. Someone might call them squats, someone might call them house projects, but I prefer the word home. And of course Antifa was everywhere.

But, I just scored...weed, and no I´m heading out with my freedom and have a fatty. Freedom is very important thing for everything, exept idiotism of course but who would like to be the flag post of idiotism anyway, so lets keep very good care of our sweetest, our freedom.

Take care friends and enemies.


Olli / JJ

Post Scriptum. We were in the Alps, we got pictures to prove it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to the medieval times. Heidelberg Germany is our location at the moment. Castles, wineyards and hills.. vegetation everywhere. Rain and moist. All of these conditions could apply to us as well: moistness (beer) creates vegetation (brain damage).  Luckily they don't since we've been really nice. Vital signs are present and the brain is running 35% capacity. One day we will reach the full 100%

New friends and new music! For some reason people just keep showing up for the show. Don't they have any better things to do than listen to weird Finnish punk music?  Also for some reason strangers are willing to offer us a bed/floor/sofas to sleep on.  There's no danger in trusting a stranger.
Lucky us.

Today we head to Stuttgart. Different kind of tourism.

"Brothers like lynxes" 
-Finnish proverb

Travel reading:
Jose Saramago - Elephant's journey (Jaakko)
Paul Brunton - The Inner Reality (Olli)

See you at the shows or not. Paximus Maximus

Monday, June 11, 2012

6 down - 420 to go!


Greetings from Antwerp. We've been sleeping on friends floors for six days now. Playing & dancing. Wheels are turning and Europe is unfolding in front of us. It's great that one day you can pass through three different countries and nobody even stops you at the border. World is a beautiful place without borders. Physical and mental.

New people and new places occur. It's fun to see that people come to a punk
rock gigs even on mondays.  Way to go citizens!

Strings & drumsticks get broken and life is lecker ( )

Castrop-Rauxel was a blast like every gig so far.

 Some trouble with the muffler. Rally sounds make the car go faster!

Keep in touch
-Jaakko & Olli