Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to the medieval times. Heidelberg Germany is our location at the moment. Castles, wineyards and hills.. vegetation everywhere. Rain and moist. All of these conditions could apply to us as well: moistness (beer) creates vegetation (brain damage).  Luckily they don't since we've been really nice. Vital signs are present and the brain is running 35% capacity. One day we will reach the full 100%

New friends and new music! For some reason people just keep showing up for the show. Don't they have any better things to do than listen to weird Finnish punk music?  Also for some reason strangers are willing to offer us a bed/floor/sofas to sleep on.  There's no danger in trusting a stranger.
Lucky us.

Today we head to Stuttgart. Different kind of tourism.

"Brothers like lynxes" 
-Finnish proverb

Travel reading:
Jose Saramago - Elephant's journey (Jaakko)
Paul Brunton - The Inner Reality (Olli)

See you at the shows or not. Paximus Maximus

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