Friday, July 13, 2012

Will we witness the fall?

So, safely back home. After one month of nomadness, I find myself from "my" reading chair. Reading Weird
thoughts and ideas about psychoanalysis, capitalism, and anti-oidipus, that were written by two freak outs called Deleuze and Guattari. Their lines implicate hard use of amfetamin. Just like Land. The speed of information leaves the slowest behind.

It was nice to spend one month in Europe again, althought Finland is part of Europe, but still I count Europe starting
after Finnish borderline. Atmosphere were nice again, in Europe I mean. Everything was bit more sophisticated, and more freeish, than in
our Finland. But of course most of these things are only represented in the meta world, in our thoughts. Coz there cant be no actual lines
which would say, or take the role of the absolut to say, or to rule, that behind this line it is okay to do this X, but on the otherside of that "border" this X could not be done. And X indicates, for example, the drug laws which varietes a lot, dependin these metalines. So no areas or nations would exist without the thought of an nation that was built by a mind. So what is invented by humans can be destroyed by humans. And in the form of absolut existing, you can do what ever you want. Of course, again, as long as no-one gets hurt. And nobody never asked me should this law exist, should cannabis be illegal. And at my point of view, no-one cant determine things for you, before you exist. It is the same thing that if someone would choose you to be a christian before you exist. It is people own choice to choose. And if these rules and regulations are shown me, as a rules of the nation you were born, I then have to reclaim myself, reclaim myself as an no-citizen. If one has rights to put up borders, make laws or whatever turns him/her on, the same right exists in my puddle of atoms as well. So dig up the idea of freedom from your metabase and start to be. 

So, it was nice to monologize, and now my intergrated deed to books and tea are taking harder necklock on me, so i'll just go with
the flow, grab a book, and start my escapism.

-Olli / JJ

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  1. Kuten Propagandhi asian niin hienosti ilmaisee:

    "do not require a gauge for freedoms of speech ´cause I never asked to be a citizen. I never have and never will pledge allegiance."