Thursday, October 25, 2012

The decay of common sense

 "As my days turn to one, weeks and months loses meaning. Without start and end I wander through the haze of existence". Thats the line that one of the dudes inside of me bursted out when we were standing at the periphery of my psyche. 

And now, Mr. Dickens, get to the point.

When the idea of human being were actualised in to physical form, the common sense were integrated to us. And now, and you don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out just cleanse your lenses, it seems to be missing. I don’t know if we lost it by accident, or did we just let it fly out of the window like a cigarette. But, what ever happened, it seems that we don’t have it anymore.

First we need to define common sense. The Cambridge Dictionary defines common sense as "the basic level of practical knowledge and judgement that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way". Now, when you look around, you’ll see that this don’t apply. Nothing is reasonable and only few places are safe. If you think the economical aspect of the state of the nature, as forests, oil etc., for example, you’ll see that its not taken care with a common sense. Without thinking the fact that the nature takes care of itself of course. So, Nature is dying coz’ of the human rape. But, if you put for example, capitalistic lenses on your eyes, and see the world through them, it is taken care very well as capitalism sees it. Tree is not the goal, tree is an utensil for capitalism. But the common sense of capitalism is not the Absolute essence of original common sense. So we should not follow the capitalistic idea of it, we need to focus on the Absolute common sense. The world is full of lenses, but we seek the original ones.

If you take hundred people, and ask which they choose, peace or war, probably you get peace out of everyone, coz’ common sense wants peace. Then you put them together to form a parliament or some kind of coalition of politics and you get war. What happened? We can drag this idea to a bit more ground level and meet the man who lives next door to you, and you, and you, just your average Joe. Joe knows that using child labour is morally wrong and an ethical bias, because Joe owns a common sense. Then Joe goes to the shop to buy new pair of sneakers, and with knowing the fact of child labour combined to the idea of common sense, he still buys the sneakers. What happened again? So can we say, that Joe is not the guy of common sense, and can we determine Joe as an idiot?

So does Joe purposely turn his back to morality and common sense just because he can, as a human with free will, or is Joe just morally incorrect? And if common sense says, that everyone should have food, shelter, etc., why it is not like that? All this only points that either we’ve lost our common sense, or, we put our other modalities in front of common sense. Humans tend to aim at happiness, but my happiness should not bloom in the cost of others. People should seek their happiness through greater good. To find happiness, by making other happy, is a virtue of all times.

So, now when we know all this, we should, again, level our actions with our knowledge.   




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