Monday, October 29, 2012

Why we are not on spotify

I've heard that question few times and pondered about it.
It's not about the money eventhough the statistics look sketchy:
"-With Spotify, we’ll get 0.003 EUR/play.
-If you listen to the album all the way through, we’ll get 0.029 EUR.
-If you listen to the album 10 times on Spotify, we’ll get 0.29 EUR
-If you listen to it a hundred times, we’ll get 2.94 EUR
-If you listen to the album 1,000 times (once a day for 3 years!) we’ll get 29.47 EUR!"

The main reason is that it really sucks when during your perfectly crafted album entity all of a sudden some fucker starts to advertise Britney Spears' new album with A REALLY LOUD VOICE. So please for the sake of your ears just go and download our album from somewhere.
I... don't.... care

or borrow some money from your folks and go buy the album. Have you ever wondered why you feel so out of touch from this world? The reason is that most of the stuff we do and see today don't really exist. These letters that I'm writing are just bytes in some fantasy world created by semiconductors. It's immaterial. We are not built for that shit. It feels good to hold something in your hands in the real world. That's why I like vinyls and hate computers.


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