Thursday, January 24, 2013

Note to self

Lets sit down for a pow-wow and ponder the state of government and fuck the government ideology.

For a long time theres been the idea of fuck the government, and actually, if you look around, it seems that finally the fuck the goverment movement is achieving it's goal. Governments are starting to lose their meaning, but, in a wrong way. So, now governments are been moved aside, not completely, but the signs are around. Back in the days one function of the government was social health care. That part is dying, and soon we have privatized health care, which is not foor the poor people. Next we witness the collapse of the free schooling system, and it'll be replaced with a payable one. The lines for the free psychiatric treatment are getting longer and longer, and soon it will be replaced with a payable one also. All this is happening because of the privatizing, and coz' of the hypotethical paradigm of the capitalistic laissez-faire ideology and the absurd idea of constant growth. The governments are turning to corporations, and the function of the corporation is to make profit. 

How did this happen? The IMF, worldbank, Bilderbergs, and the immanent entity of capitalism had an idea of the one big marketplace called the world, and the marketplace should work without a friction, and that friction were goverments that varyed between countries. And the laws inside the countries varyed as well. There was a need for the bed of procust. 

We thought that the governments were the devils. We wanted to destroy the governments, and in the trade we got companies. Now the nations and governments are driven to depts, and the "leaders" are falsely told that the only road to survive is to obey the ideology of IMF and worldbank, and turn the governments in to a corporations. And the current "leaders", with a dollar signs in their eyes, are obeying the idea of this concernisation. And if you dont obey IMF and friends you're down and out. But nobody ever stops to think, that what is down and out, and the news about Icelands way, for example, to solve problems never reaches us, all because the speed of the lobbying, which is preposterous, and the endings are not democratic. Why masses allways have to suffer?

So, coz' our objective head-of-state is leaning towards this corponationalizing, and they are acting like cowboys in a spaceship, they're destroying our future with short term idiotism. And the only things we hear and see is that if Euro collapses everything is over. But that is only one aspect from one side, from the side who planned all this. We are slaves of paradigms. And in a situation where a crime has occured, we dont only interview the guy who did it, like in this situation, where only the people who are responsible for this are telling what to do. So in these days of decay of common sense and humanity, these days when politics are the henchmen for capitalism, more than ever, we are in the need of the fuck the government ideology. And fuck corponations too.

So many theories, so many prophecies, what we do need is a change of ideas.
 -Bad Religion