Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to our band room...

Hallo people. How are you? Me? I'm fine.

Weekend is starting and sun is shining. Snow is melting and all the wonderful gifts (mainly dog shit) starts to unravel from the snow. It could be human shit as well. Who knows? Or Remembers where they took a dump. I don't.

Enough of this shit. We took a giant leap in to the unknown world of visual media. A guy came with a camera and shot us and I edited the stuff. This is what happened. Enjoy. The song is "a Few Words of Advice Part II" but it could be also titled as "Cutting the umbilical cord" or "Ding". You decide.

ps. Eventhough it is easter just leave the lamb alone and enjoy a hearty seitan stake. Peace


  1. Please come to the USA sometime soon!

  2. Excellent, hopefully you can announce fast the release date for the record?