Monday, June 10, 2013

My neighbour gave me a snorkel.

Hello beings.

I left "my" flat and found myself outside, how weird is that? I had a dream about Chris Hannah from Propagandhi last night, we were sharin' a fatty. Mmmm, fatty, been a bit dry. Few days ago I was, and I were reading the news. People who wrote them said that 1 percent of the richest people owns 39 percent of the money in the world. But what's the weight of that when I'm sittin' and watching the apple tree flower? It's funny how we only put meaning to psychical, sometimes even till the tears and wars, when we have everything inside of us. Of course condescension to neglet is prohibited under the "laws" of loving each others.

Butbutbut, these are just words, but lets continue with letters. My raison d'etre conserning this interference with constant flow of the internet (actually, by interfering I create the flow) is the knowledge I want to share with you. This particular knowledge is concerning our new album and our forthcoming tour in Germany with our fellow mates Disco Ensemble.

Record first. Finally our record label solved things with themselfs and we are putting our new full lenght album out around september so we can take it with us to Germany in case someone is interested to get one. Album will consist an amount of new songs and current running time will be the same that the good old Bad Religion albums had (i.e. No Control). The name of the album will be Rauha. Rauha is a finnish word which stands for Pax, which is a latin word which stands for the english word peace. But things are not permanent so I would not be suprised if it would turn out to be called "Fuck capitalism, the death of humanism". Who knows.

The tour. Yes, finally we are setting sails to abroad, and it seems that sails are what we need indeed. We are hitting Germany with our mates Disco Ensemble, those great entities are good company to travel with. As they said, or who ever tweets their tweets, good times ahead. Squats, club matee and you, here we come.

So this is what I had in my bottomless mind. Nevermind the type-o's. See you in the pit and remember, existence is love.




  1. Jipπ! Ootteko viel heinäkuussa Saksassa?

  2. Ohh, again on Tour with Disco Ensamble, niiice :) I saw you last time on tour with them, hoping you´ll come back soon :D So finally it happens!!!!!