Monday, September 2, 2013

Jaakko & Jay Eurotour 2013... well actually Germany tour


Heute sind wir in Rostock, Deutschland. Haben Sie Gras? This is the first day of our Germany tour with Disco Ensemble. Actually this is a travel day. Yesterday we took a boat from Turku to Stockholm and today we drove all the way to Rostock, Germany. Now my ass hurts. Sitting in an uncomfortable vehicle for 12 hours sucks. Why do they make the chairs so shitty these days? In our Volvo 740 from the year 1988 sitting feels like floating on marshmallow clouds. How come they don't make chairs like that anymore?

It's raining and my head still hurts from crazypartying in Tampere on sunday. How stupid can you be to get wasted BEFORE the tour? After driving all day we awarded ourselves with tofu. 4,20e for a good thai meal is not a bad price. How come Germany is so cheap? Especially the veggiefood. 1,20e for the beer. How come beer is so cheap? What's wrong with this country? Whatever it is I love it. 

Photo from Viking Line Grace.. it is a boat that floats. Life is weird. When sitting here I still feel the waves of the sea. Balance is a strange thing. Take care of yourselves!

Check out the tour plan on the right side of this page. Some familiar places for us but some unknown towns also. Hope to see you there.. somewhere.

-Jaakko & Jay

Ps. Question of the day: what are moustaches for? If you know the answer let me know. T:Pueblo

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