Saturday, September 14, 2013

Logo, Home, Logo, Home, Logo, Home

Picture tells more than words. Or at least that's what they say. You can decide. Here's some highlights:
03.09.2013 - Berlin.  This is where it all started. 

10.09.2013 - Saarbrücken. Lazy boys at a backstage

12.09.2013 - Lingen. Would you buy used merchandise from this guy?

12.09.2013 - Lingen. Packing. Easy stuff
I'm sitting in Logo, Hamburg typing this. Last gig of the tour. What can I say? What can I do? Just sit and type and let things wander around in my tiny head. After this tour it's a week or two off and then record release gig in Doris, Tampere on the 27th of September. Good stuff. Satan's Fingers will also be there.

While sitting in the car we discovered (again) that putting the mp3 player on shuffle mode is like listening to a very good radio without any supposedly funny talks or advertisements. Try it! I also realized that we have the strangest band name. It is also impossible for a non-Finnish to write it correctly. Or so it seems. The band with a constantly changing band name! Jaako & Jay, Jakko & Jay, Jako & Jay, Jaakkoo & Jay, Jaakko & the Jay... infinite number of variations are available. Pick your own!  

Tomorrow we start slowly traveling back home. A night in the free town of Christiania, Copenhagen and another on a boat from Stockholm to Turku and ta-daa then we are home. I wonder if there's snow in Finland already.

Däng, another soundcheck is calling. See you somewhere!


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