Thursday, September 5, 2013

The man, the boat and a day off

I waked up from a damp bed, looked around and remember the boat. We're floating on a boat in a river in Berlin. It's moist and I feel slightly ill because of the waves. I remember yesterday - I remember everything. I remember talks of free tea. I leave the room 49 and go out to the deck. The world is still in one piece. Clock is 8:30am. Humans are waking up and bats are probably sleeping by now. I grab some free tea from the breakfast buffet. The buffet itself is too expensive (hey, playing punk doesn't pay that well?). It is easier to buy some bread and tofu steaks from a local Aldi and ta-daa breakfast is solved.

Things are starting to make sense. Recap: we have a punk band with my friend and we're touring at the moment. On Tuesday we played in Berlin. I remember blinking lights and fast songs. I remember screaming my lungs out and I remember (very vividly actually) a woman from the crowd asking us: "are you drunk?". No, we weren't. I love punk music. The punk in this connection means exercising your human rights and playing whatever you like. It just so happens that at the moment I like to play fast and short songs. Maybe in another moment in my life I like to play ten minute songs with a one stringed guitar and sing about whales. You'll never know. I love music.

Anyway back to the present or actually near past. We shared the stage with Disco Ensemble and the Living End. A weird thing was that after the first gig of the tour we had a day off. This must be strangest start of the tour ever but there is an explanation for this. We were supposed to play in Festsaal Kreutzberg on Wednesday but it got burned down. I hope nobody got hurt. So the gig was repositioned to Postbahnhof on Tuesday and thus we had a day off. I went browsing the city. A lovely city it was. Even though there's a lot of capitalistic globalization there's also cultural globalization. Different cultures intertwined and tangled with each other breeding new cultures.

Today at 1pm we head off to Dresden. I'm happy that the tour continues. I've never been to Dresden. Any tips? Speaking of tips the Berlin music instrument museum is a great. Instruments from the golden age of rock 'n' roll i.e. 16the century are fascinating. You can easily spend a day just wandering and listening to samples of fuck up old and new instruments.

My free tea is gone and this boat is heading off or actually I'm getting out of this piss soaked hostel boat. Proost!



  1. "The punk in this connection means exercising your human rights and playing whatever you like.", spot on! all the best, dudes.

    - Jonne, Tre

  2. Porvarit painaa Living Endin kanssa!


  3. For some reason I misread "slightly ill because of the swans" and thought you're probably allergic to birds. Happy travels, lots of free tea and things! <3