Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The search of Franz K. and other stories

Wasps! Millions of wasps. Everywhere we have sat/ate/drank/smoked wasps have appeared. Germany is full of wasps. Nothing wrong with them but they stung Olli yesterday. Why wasps why? It is morning again. I like mornings if I have slept well. It is always a surprise where you wake up. This time it seems like we're in Reutlingen. It is Tuesday and Mondag war sehr gut! We played a show at a hard to find Franz K. kulturecentrum. The place itself is not hard to spot but if you have the street number 23 in the navigator instead of 22 which is the right one, then it is hard to find. So we drove and searched and drove and searched. Found it! Lovely place with nice people who helped me to tumble dry some clothes I washed in Aachen on Sunday. It's strange that clothes dry in one in Finland but in Aachen it would've taken few days at least. How fascinating!

Olli hanging at the merch in Mannheim
That's actually not really interesting. I know people want stories of sex, drugs and rockenroll. So here we go! Sex: there hasn't been any. Nearest thing to it was when Olli accidentally hugged me during the night. Close one! Drugs: depends on the classification. If beer, herbs (ginger, peppermint etc), coffee are drugs then yes. Plenty! Rock and Roll: well more like hardcore folk and post hc indie.

Reutlingen was a real mystery to us. There's been several of misunderstandings. For some reason we thought it was really close to Aachen (It is not. It's 450 kilometers from Aachen). Then we thought that it is big city with the population of 1 million people (It isn't. About 100 000 people live there). No-one knows why we had these false assumptions. I was walking in the city earlier when I still thought it is a million town. I saw lots of people and heard conversations in English around me. The gig was amazing by the way. Monday is the weirdest day to play. Somehow Monday is always my Sunday. It is usually a day-off 'cause who want's to go to a punk rock show on a monday. Apparently many do at least in Reutlingen! So danke schön.


Boys in AZ, Aachen. Find anarchy!

Same boys in rainbows at Franz K. in Reutlingen.

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